Truly Windows & LAN based Income Tax Return filing software. ITR 1 to ITR-8 Elegant print & efiling with Pre validation facility. eReturn can be uploaded from within the software. Previous year info, while preparing computation. Multiple P & L entry, Very detailed calculation (allowance/prequisites) for salary people. Capital gain entry in single module. From 10A, 10E, 10DA, 10DC, 60. Inbuilt Wealth Tax Return. Case Management (Case Entry, Proceeding, Appeal Form 35,36). Assessment order and several other MIS Reports.


  1. The main features of the software are as below:
  2. Computation of Income Tax under all heads of Income.
  3. Filling of New Income Tax Return Forms from 1 to 7 and old 1, 2, 2D, 2E and 3 for previous year. All these forms are with eFiling facility.
  4. Facility to estimates Advance Tax, Calculation of Interest u/s 234A,B,C.
  5. Auto transfer of master data and important information to Next year.
  6. Design your own computation (A features which greatly enhances your working flexibility).
  7. Facility to export computation and some other report to MS Word.
  8. Total security enabled for multiple use and for use by different users.
  9. Accounting facility for small assesses . Entry through Pass Book and other details as provided by assesses.


  • Back Office Management:
  • Return Register , Return Field Lists, Pending Return List, Assessment order due lists, Client History
  • Refund orders due lists, Year wise/Client wise/Ward wise/ Group wise tabulation of Reports.
  • Automatic Calculations
  • Repair and Collection charges ceiling for Interest paid under House Property
  • Deemed profit us/ 44 AD, 44Ae and , 44 AF]
  • Tax on Long Term Capital Gain as per section 112 and auto application of Index.
  • NSC, KVP, IVP interest as per IT. Act, Adjustment of Tax on account of Agricultural Income.
  • MAT calculation, Automatic set off and carry forward of losses.
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